[Event Invitation] Export opportunities in South Korea for food and beverage

Austrade, in partnership with the Government of Western Australia and TradeStart, invite you to attend the Export Opportunities in South Korea for Food and Beverage seminar under the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA).

Learn how you can take advantage of outcomes under the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement and how to prepare for market entry.

Meet with members of the Western Australian Government, Austrade and Tradestart who will answer questions about export.

Receive a copy of the 'Food and Beverage Market Entry Guide: Export Opportunities for Australian businesses under the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement'.

Venue: 3 Baron Hay Court, South Perth, WA, Australia DPIRD Date: Thursday 10 August from 9.00-10.30am Cost: Free Register online at https://www.austrade.gov.au/EventViewBookingDetails.aspx?Bck=Y&EventID=25056#/event?_k=eh0i28

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