Curtin Department of Petroleum Engineering receive AKF grant

Curtin Department of Petroleum Engineering has received an AKF grant to send three top subsea engineering students and one academic member to South Korea to visit their offshore platform building yards, hosted by Pusan National University. During the time that the students travel through Seoul in-transit to Pusan, they will visit the Samsung Smart City and the Samsung Innovation Museum to develop an idea of what new technologies can do to improve productivity in subsea engineering operations.

During the time these students are in Pusan, they will visit Geoje Island and apart from seeing the various offshore vessels being constructed or maintained in the Samsung ship yards, they will visit the large ship simulator where they will experience steering a vessel through storms. A conference will be organised, in which they will present their projects to the local Korean industry and discuss how smart new technologies could improve productivity if they were built into the original equipment. They will also learn about Korean culture and enjoy a Korean dinner with their Korean counterparts.

The following year, three top Korean students will visit Perth and give presentations of their offshore projects during the AOG conference, in order to provide their thoughts on how smart technologies could be retrofitted onto existing subsea equipment infrastructure offshore Australia. They will also learn about Australian culture and will give an evening’s technical presentation on their learnings to the Australia-Korean Business Council WA (AKBCWA). The trip of Australian students to Korea will take place in early December 2017, while the trip of Korean students to Australia will take place during AOG at the end of February 2018.

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