Seocho-gu - City of Perth Korea Study Tour 2017

AKBCWA Members the City of Perth and UWA recently combined to develop a study tour with Perth sister city Seocho-gu.

The City of Perth established a Charter of Mutual Friendship with Seocho-gu in 2008 to facilitate mutually beneficial opportunities for both cities, especially in areas like education. As part of this important partnership, Seocho-gu will host UWA Korean Studies student ambassadors representing Perth in December 2017.

The Seocho-Perth collaboration has resulted in 6 students being chosen to represent the City of Perth as Student Ambassadors in Seocho this month.

Charters of Mutual Friendship and Sister Cities allow communities to exchange ideas, gain an international perspective and increase their understanding of global issues. In short, international partnerships, like that between Perth and Seocho-gu, provide a host of exciting opportunities with the potential to enhance and add value to our personal and professional lives, ultimately making our world a safer and richer place.

We wish the students all the best on their study tour and look forward to hearing about their experience.

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