Event Invitation] Cinema-K Outreach: Queen of Crime (범죄의 여왕)

The AKBCWA would like to invite our members to Cinema-K Outreach Event which will be screening the movie "Queen of Crime" (범죄의 여왕), operated by Korean Cultural Centre Australia.

EVENT: Cinema-K Outreach in Perth

TIME & DATE: 19:00, 30 MAY 2019

VENUE: Palace Cinemas Raine Square, Perth

MOVIE: Queen of Crime (범죄의 여왕)

Mi-kyung is your typical Korean mum, she runs a small hair salon and has her hopes and dreams rested on her son Ik-soo who is currently staying in a run-down dorm as he prepares for an important exam. One day, a frustrated Ik-soo calls her about a ridiculously large water bill which has surpassed a thousand dollars. She decides to visit his room and see what the fuss is about. When she arrives, she notices how the residents of the accommodation are all suspicious and cold. While she searches for the reason behind the ridiculous bill, she befriends Kae-tae, an employee at the management office. Her meddling characteristic begins to uncover suspicion upon suspicion until Mi-kyung soon discovers that she is getting herself into a problem bigger than what she initially bargained for.

WHO CAN JOIN? It’s a free film screening so everyone can join this event, BUT RSVP essential.

HOW TO BOOK? Please send us your RSVP with your name and contact number via; cinema@koreanculture.org.au (You can reserve 1 ticket only under your name)

For more information, please contact us via; cinema@koreanculture.org.au

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