AKBCWA education partner, UWA awarded to establish the Korea Research Centre of WA

AKBCWA education partner, UWA awarded to establish the Korea Research Centre of WA

Academy of Korean Studies (AKS; Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea) - Korean Studies Core Program grant (935,000,000 Korean won or AU$1,160,000) has been awarded to the University of Western Australia to establish the Korea Research Centre of WA with the leadership of Associate Professor Jo Elfving-Hwang, Dr Nicola Fraschini, Dr Sam Han, Professor Susan Broomhall. This grant is highly competitive internationally and is only awarded to one or two Universities outside Korea each year.

The grant has been awarded to establish UWA as a hub for Korean Studies research and teaching in the Perth metropolitan area and Western Australia, in order to train future scholars in Korean Studies through strong focus on facilitating postgraduate and postdoctoral research opportunities, as well as research-led teaching. The Centre will also bring together researchers engaged in Korea-related research in West Australian higher education institutions to collaborate, as well as to connect academic researchers with key stakeholders in the WA business community, state government and non-profit organisations with Australia-Korea interests. The Centre will run a regular outward-facing research seminar series, support postgraduate and postdoctoral research, establish the “Korean Studies Research Collaboratory” initiative, and expand the provision of Korea-focused educational opportunities in the state. It will also organise regional and international research conferences and workshops that focus on Korean politics, culture, society and business.

“I am delighted that our research and expertise in Korean Studies has been acknowledged by the Academy of Korean Studies. We are very excited to set up a dedicated Korea Research Centre, which we hope will inspire those with existing research and business interest in Korea and attract them to collaborate with our institution”, UWA Professor and Director of the Centre Jo Elfving-Hwang said.

Commenting on this great achievement, AKBCWA Executive Chairman, Mr Tommy Shin highlighted the importance of building new links between Korea-research and the Western Australian business sector. “This is a great validation on the importance of commercial, cultural and education exchange between Australia and South Korea.

The AKBCWA congratulates our Founding Member UWA on this grant which will educate students on the great future and potential opportunities between our two great nations.”


About Korea: Australia and South Korea are often described as “natural partners” as mature democracies with complementary economies and common strategic interests. Since the signing of the Korea-Australia Free trade Agreement (KAFTA) in 2014, South Korea has grown into Western Australia’s fourth largest export market in 2019, and a growing destination for cultural exchange and tourism both ways.

The Australia Korean Business Council of Western Australia (AKBCWA) was established in 2010 and is dedicated to assisting Western Australian enterprises to develop and maintain open and cooperative relations between businesses in Western Australia and Korea.

For more information please contact AKBCWA office (info@akbcwa.org)

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